I hate Tom

I dedicate this site to you, Tom. To my hatred of you, Tom. It boils up from deep within me, a hate steeped in rage and brewed to odious perfection.

When eloquence fails and the fiery edge of words is dulled, when it seems that he who has hated can hate no more, when the volleys of polished platitudes of dismal loathing appear to abate, know this: I hate you.

It is a hate unrestrained by any notions of camaraderie, allowed to flourish in public eye and grow stronger with each passing moment. This hate that dwells within me, this hate that incessantly seeps from my every orifice as water from a wicker basket, is of such profound clarity and power that at its very mention the world quakes.

All this, Tom, is to tell you one thing, to illuminate one point, so that all may see and know. I hate you, Tom. I hate Tom. God I hate Tom.